miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2007

GoodNight Moon

Theres a nail in the door
And theres glass on the lawn
Tacks on the floor
And the tv is on
And I always sleep with my guns
When youre gone

Theres a blade by the bed
And a phone in my hand
A dog on the floor
And some cash on the nightstand
When Im all alone the dreaming stops
And I just cant stand

What should I do Im just a little baby
What if the lights go out and maybe
And then the wind just starts to moan
Outside the door he followed me home

Well goodnight moon
I want the sun
If its not here soon
I might be done
No it wont be too soon til I say
Goodnight moon

Theres a shark in the pool
And a witch in the tree
A crazy old neighbour and hes been watching me
And theres footsteps loud and strong coming down the hall
Somethings under the bed
Now its out in the hedge
Theres a big black crow sitting on my window ledge
And I hear something scratching through the wall

Well youre up so high
How can you save me
When the dark comes here
Tonight to take me up
The mouth from woke
And into bed where it kisses my face
And eats my hand

2 comentarios:

  1. Como mola.

    Donde venden esos cascos con antenitas?? quiero uno YA!
    mirare en eBay...

  2. Se que me dirás algo así como:
    "¡Por supuesto que lo sabía! ¿Acaso me tomas por tonta?",
    pero, esta canción es la canción de "apertura" de Kill Bill vol 2.
    Me encanta, tengo la BSO en la que sale esta. Por la misma BSO, pero de la primera parte, también está el "Bang Bang" de Nancy Sinatra. Quizás te guste.


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